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Jews movement inside Indonesia

By: Abdurrahman Anton Minardi

The reborn Jews of Indonesia by ANNA CLARE SPELMAN Published in Jerusalem Post JULY 8, 2015.

There are 77 number of jews inside Indonesia. They live across the country. Mostly of the descendants are mix of the Dutch and local peoples.

As Indonesia recognised only 6 religions, jews unappears at the surface. They list on identify as Christians.

They have synagogue in Surabaya and North Sulawesi. In Surabaya have been inactive while in Tondano North Sulawesi is active.

Yaakov Baruch, the leader of the community in remote Tondano. He is a lecture of International Law Department in local university. He actively practice and promote his belief in the Shaar HaShamayim Synagogue has been functioning since 2004.

We know also that some of Indonesian popular peoples are have near relations. Obviously in the era of Gus Dus the ruler promote to deal with zionist (israel) in diplomatic relations. This proposal has been rejected by all members of Indonesian house representative and peoples so.

Of course it’s impossible as long the zionist occupied Palestinian territory and especially Jerusalem and Al Aqsho.

As our knowledge that Indonesian constitutional empesized that “Kemerdekaan adalah hak segala bangsa maka untuk itu penjajahan di atas dunia harus dihapuskan”.

The zionist occupied Palestinian land and now Jerusalem and deteriorated Al Aqsho. They want to make Al Aqsho as a ruins. Moreover they want to wipe the Palestinian from the map, as now they provide global map online and offline without Palestinian territory.

Indonesia as the largest Muslims population in the world is a pleasant land for all but not for colonial and aggressors.

So tell to your lord zionists to stop their occupation and free Palestinian peoples.

Their movements is not impossible supported by jews corporations and foundations. As the jews funded in $ Billions the IslamoPhohia across countries.

We here wanted a peaceful and friendship. But it’s hard to be a reality when zionist colonize Palestinian territory.

Istanbul, 18 Romadhon 1443 H/19 April 2022.

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